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  • We have thrice confirmed that there is a proposal coming together to be presented to the Osceola City Council that would rename the Osceola Community Center in the honor of former Mayor, Dickie Kennemore. The proposal is said to have been proposed (in part) to several city council members, four of which have pledged their support of the effort.

    The next scheduled Osceola City Council meeting is set for Monday, March 18th at 5:00 pm at Osceola City Hall.

    Osceola Community Center Director, Mr. Michael Ephlin has been contacted for a statement. There was no response at the time of publishing. Other municipal contacts have been contacted but they did not feel comfortable making comments on a matter that has yet to be brought to their attention. Updates will be made available. 

    Dickie Kennemore served as the Mayor of Osceola for an astounding 28 years before being unseated by the political freshman, Sally L. Wilson. Wilson garnered well over 50% of the three-way race that included municipal employee Steve Stallings.