One step forward and 28 years back

Written by J Stark (editor)
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It should come as no surprise that a special Osceola City Council session was called for Friday afternoon. Doing business above board and open to the public’s view has its drawbacks. The occasional interruption of pre-weekend festivities being just one.

The lease, sub-lease, rent-to-own business involving the Fruit, Osceola Indust… whatever you want to call it, building appears to be over and done with. Honestly, it’s not confusing at all, but I’m having fun with the perceptions of grandeur oozing from some wonderfully inept folks hoping to make political capitol at the expense of small business owners.

A simple lease with purchase option has been agreed to by resolution between the Osceola City Council and far more reputable tenant. This agreement (let’s restate for the record… by council resolution) stops the endless hemorrhaging of municipal funds. It’s an end to an untold amount of wasted electricity being provided without the benefit of a working meter. Absurdly inflated Insurance payments, liability issues, ground maintenance, building repairs, non-paying tenants… all gone.

Then, in what can only be described as a progressive, forward thinking – out-of-the-box move, Mayor Sally Wilson wrote into the required council approving resolution a wonderful PRO-small business clause. A few short lines that allowed for a portion of the lease profits to go toward offsetting the already abnormally high small commercial electricity rate. It’s a big step in the right direction. Heck! It’s a major milestone for the cities chief executive to go on record and admit that a rate imbalance EXISTS. But doing something about it? Well, that’s what the people elected her to do and do she did.

Ah. Whatever. So much for good intentions.

The Osceola City Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to (at the recommendation of Councilperson Gary Cooper) to strike the following language from the resolution.



; and

Whereas the City has desired to evaluate and lower the retail commercial electric rate but does not have available budgeted funds to lower such rate.  


2.         the City Council directs the Mayor to save and hold the profits from the rent for future council action to reduce retail commercial electric rate.


And there ‘ya have it folks. No relief in sight. One step forward and 28 years back. The light at the end of the tunnel… beep. beep… It’s another train.

and in other news…

Please attend the monthly Osceola Utility Task Force meeting tomorrow Tuesday, Sept 24, at 4:00, Osceola City Hall.  This month, we will 1) hear about near completion of the wastewater treatment lagoon construction and closeout of our EDA $1.2 million grant, 2) hear an update about the AMI (smart meter) installation at Pine Cottages,
3) continue discussion of the retail commercial electric rate, 4) discuss the new water/sewer RATE STUDY, and 5) open the floor for public comments from our residents and OML&P customers.  This is a public meeting so please invite others to attend. 

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