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The Silent Witness Project (PSA)

The Silent Witness Project (PSA)

Written by J Stark (editor)
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Silent Witness Project 2019The Haven of Northeast Arkansas In Conjunction with The City of Osceola

The Silent Witness Project

The Silent Witness Project was created for the state of Arkansas in 1997 and consists of life-sized plywood silhouettes painted red and black. Each silhouette represents victims whose lives were taken by domestic violence for the previous year and tells the victims’ names and tragic personal stories on a shield attached to the silhouette. Silent Witness Project 2019 2This offers a powerful and moving testimony to the devastating impact of domestic violence. The silhouettes have been customized to represent female, pregnant female, male, child and wheelchair victims. The objective of the silhouette exhibit is to heighten awareness & provide information on the issue of domestic violence & its effect in our community.

The Silent Witness Project exhibit will be on display daily from 9am to 5pm begining Sept. 23rd and running through Sept. 27th. 

For More Information:

The Haven of Northeast Arkansas
PO Box 1062
Blytheville, AR 72316
870-838-8288 (Outreach Office)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Osceola City Hall | 303 W. Hale Osceola, AR 72370

This FREE event is open to the public.
This exhibit is on loan from: The Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence



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