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This is a brief  follow up.Kennemore
The Board of Directors of the South Mississippi County Intermodal Authority met on Thursday afternoon.

In a previous meeting of the board the then mayor Dickie Kennemore was hired by the board as its Executive Director. He was granted a compensation package nearly equal to the anticipated funding allocation. An amount that was asked for in a prepared contract proposal. The hiring was later withdrawn when it was determined that the hiring action was clearly in direct violation of several clauses in the organizations bylaws.

Now, It has been discovered that the anticipated funding allocation for the year 2019 (from the State - AR DOT) was never available. A simple failure to mail the proper paperwork in a timely manner was determined to be the reason for missing the current round of funding. Dickie Kennemore was the charman of the SMCIA when this clerical failure took place.

Dickie Kennemore has withdrawn his contract proposal.


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SMC Intermodal Authority Question

KennemoreSerious legal questions rearding the recent hiring of Dickie Kennemore as an employee of the South Mississippi County Intermodal Authority are being asked by the citezens of Osceola. The public first became aware of this hiring action through a short article first published (made available for purchase/subscription) on December 27th of 2018. FOURTEEN DAYS... after the fact.

Mayor Wilson has publicly voiced concerns over the legality of the Kennemore hire. She is also a sitting board member of the SMCIA and could potentialy be held personaly liable for illegal actions taken by the board. The SMCIA carries governmental indemnity under the law. BUT... as with a non-profit board, the indemnity clause may be challenged and/or revoked if the bylaws of the organization are not observed and kept within compliance.  




Reltated Documents:

Intermodal Authority Bylaws (unsigned)

Creation Ordinance (Osceola)

Creation Ordinance (City of Wilson)

Agreement Executed Nov 21 2017




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